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Where are you based out of?

  • Seattle, WA!

What is your background in art?

  • A lot of things I’ve been self taught, but I have a college education in animation, non-fiction media/documentary making and film, game design, and video production.

Are you available for hire?

  • Yes! Shoot me an email at! You can hire me on for media based projects as well as simple illustration commissions. Costs range by project.

You do QA? Can you test MY game?

  • I am also avalible to do freelance QA testing for any smaller and indie game studios flexible to your budget and give discounts to indie teams and solo devs. I have experience working with hardware and software related to PC, IOS, Android, XBox One, Switch, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. If you or your team needs an effective QA tester with experience up to being a QA lead on some teams, I’m more than happy to help.

Will you be vending at a con near me?

  • I totally love visiting new places and going to new conventions! If you have a show you’d like me to come to you should shoot me an email!

What programs do you use?

  • For illustration and comics I mostly use ClipStudioEX, but also am proficient in Photoshop and PainttoolSai. For 3d and game design I use Maya, Zbrush, Blender, Unity, and Unreal, Substance Painter/Designer. With animation I have experience using Toonboom Harmony, Storyboard Pro, and Flash/Adobe Animate. QA related programs I’m fluent in include JIRA, confluence, AWS, Playstation Home, Xbox Manager, PowerShell, and I have a base understanding of Python and C++.

Can I use your art for my avatars/ pfps/banners?

  • Go for it! Credit is appreciated when possible, but I don’t mind people using my art in icons. It’s super flattering! I only ask that you don’t profit off of direct rips of my stuff (example, just saving a file and going to redbubble and yelling “BEHOLD” to the world as you gesture at a low quality crunchy .jpg).

How can I support your work?

  • Sharing it is really awesome and honestly just seeing people being vocal about enjoying it is really wonderful. Only if you can afford to and really want, I do have places to buy art under my shop tab and some of my art can be bought at physical locations in Seattle, WA. You can buy unique merch directly through my Etsy and Storenvy. I also use some print on demand sites. My storenvy has a full section of Blood Sugar merch as well. I additionally have a ko-fi and a patreon that acts as a sort of idle tip jar. Money made from my patreon and Blood Sugar merch sales directly goes to paying translators, editors, and sensitivity readers.

I made art based on one of your comics. Would you like to SEE? ?

  • PLEASE YES I WILL TREASURE IT!! I will print it out and crumple it into a little ball and eat it to power me. (jk but I probably WILL print it and put it up in my office and save to my PC because any and all fan content is always appreciated!!) If you link me any fanart in the submission form I would love to feature it in my comics!!

I am an indie artist and I do artist alley/have a redbubble/online shop and like your comics. Is it okay if I make and sell fan merch?

  • Go for it!! I paid my bills for a long time making fan merch and I feel it’s only fair to pay it forward and let others do the same with my comics if they like them enough. If you do make fan merch please show me! I LOVE to buy fan merch people have made and support them back! Go nuts and have fun with any fanart or content. It is ALWAYS flattering to me and everything made is deeply appreciated. <3

I too want a comic website. How did you make yours?

  • I commissioned my friend Kiriska who has excellent and affordable website building services that are perfect for indie artists.

How often are you sleepy?

  • I am ALWAYS sleepy, friend.

I have another question I don’t see here!

  • That’s totally okay! Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! :^)

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